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Will ISIS & Jihad & Terrorism Ever End? Not in anytime soon

July 22, 2017

By Shadi Alkasim, June-2017

Terrorism is nothing new. One of the earliest known groups to employ terroristic tactics would be the Fenians located in Ireland in 1798, famous for the “young Irelanders rebellion” and accused of terrorism by the government of the United Kingdom. During the Ottoman Empire, from 1890 to 1897 the Armenian Revolutionary Federation staged attacks, famously holding hostages at an Ottoman Bank in 1896. A Palestine group called Fatah, founded in 1959, staged the Munich Olympics massacre in 1972 and since then Palestine alone as seen a series of terrorist groups form over the years; PLO, PFLP, PFLP-GC, and the DFLP. In Canada, the Front de libération du Québec conducted bombings, kidnappings, assassinations. Since the late 70’s Turkey has had a long-running battle with the PKK, considered a Kurdish terrorist organization, and for nearly a decade, from 1969 – 1977, the United States suffered attacked by a group called the Weathermen, and since 1994, the Russians have been dealing with Chechnya Separatists. Today, some may think the Muslim Brotherhood, a hotly debated organization with arguable ties to or support for terrorism is something new but they’d be mistaken. The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in Egypt in 1928, so there is nothing new going on but it is becoming more widespread and frequent. In the recent past, the biggest threat to world peace, for example, would be a war breaking out between two superpowers like the USA and Russia, but today, the biggest increasing threat the modern world is facing are small-scale terrorist attacks mainly by Muslim extremists and the resulting destabilization of rural areas, towns, cities, regions and whole countries. Although terrorism is nothing new, what we are facing today is an increasing threat of terrorism, specifically the spread of Muslim extremist ideology and terrorism used as a tool to spread that ideology and its desire for conquest.

As a journalist who’s traveled and covered conflicts around the world I’d like to share with you what I believe are the facts behind terrorism and my recommendations aimed at eliminating terrorism or reducing it as much as possible. I have more insights into this subject than the average person and a unique perspective as I am from the Middle East and I was born in Alexandria, Egypt. Having been born and raised in the Middle East I would say that qualifies me as an expert on the predominate Middle Eastern Muslim culture. I’ve also been fortunate enough to travel the world and experience other cultures as a journalist. So, what do I believe you might ask? Well, I consider myself an agnostic modernist, someone who embraces diversity and humanity and truth be told I abhor theocracy.

So, what are the facts and where are we now? Terrorism has become a big concern worldwide and has affected many countries around the world. It affects the rich and the poor, the young and old, the secular or religious, no one is exempt from a bomb blast, bullets, or beheadings. Terrorism is destabilizing and poses a serious threat to peace and security throughout the world. Every day we learn of increasing acts of terrorism. The world certainly has had enough of Muslims’ religious extremism and their involvement in terrorist attacks and the time has come to put an end to all this madness. It would take me a long time to cover all the aspects of Terrorism, so I’ll start with addressing the heart of the matter first and be straightforward and to the point, which I am sure it will anger many Muslims and International human rights organization who are completely absent from the reality of things on the ground.

We are at war. First, regarding ISIS, eventually ISIS will be eradicated from the cities of Mosul in Iraq and Raqqa in Syria. Defeating them on the battlefield doesn’t necessarily mean defeating their propaganda machine, or that they won’t physically pop-up somewhere else. We are fighting two wars, the war on the ground and the war for the hearts and minds of people who are or will become radicalized by their hateful propaganda and ideology.

Terrorism seeps into every corner of the globe thanks to the spread of radical Islam. Even when ISIS loses their official territory in Mosul and Raqqa, the war will continue as a Guerrilla war as ISIS is literally everywhere with lots of supporters and sympathizers. If they lose, they will turn to Guerrilla warfare tactics and lone-wolf organized aggressive terrorist attacks like we’ve seen so far. The terrorist group have succeeded in establishing several states outside their main strongholds in Syria and Iraq, “as it was able to launch the states in countries such as Yemen, Somalia, Indonesia and The Philippines, Pakistan and Afghanistan, Egypt and West Africa. They have succeeded in launching successful terrorist attacks worldwide. Lots of Muslims around the world are ISIS sympathizers and are waiting for the right time to act out their violent ideology.

It seems never ending. Again, I keep saying the war with ISIS is far from over, and it will take a very long time to end this conflict for many reasons. A war of ideologies is a ceaseless battle. The battle for the hearts and minds can never end. I believe it is a big mistake to only concentrate on fighting ISIS on the ground and not also focus on the source of ISIS and terrorism. I believe we must dry up the sources of terrorism around the world, without doing this, the war against terrorism will be useless and endless.

ISIS is a combination of people from all over the world from different nationalities and from all walks of life, doctors, engineers, workers, etc., educated and uneducated people and all of them are sharing the same radical ideology, so this means that there is a serious problem worldwide, without fighting this problem, the war on terrorism will never end.

We must eliminate the ideology. The ideology causing terrorism and barbaric terrorist groups like ISIS and other groups must be dealt with effectively. At every opportunity, leaders and individuals should speak out against the hateful ideology that is radical Islam. Hatred and racism are learned behaviors and this is what is really happening in Muslims and Arab countries, the children grow up learning to hate and discriminate non-Muslims. They are literally taught how to kill, behead, and hate non-Muslims.

Cutting off the well-spring must happen. The source of ISIS and other terror group’s extremist ideology is the Muslim social and cultural structure, most of ISIS’s religious practices are drawn from the most important Islamic law books, the mindset must change as soon as possible.

Where is the source of that well-spring? And I’m talking about both predominant sides of Islam which consists of Shia and Sunni Muslims. Islam has many subgroups but these are the two major groups within Islam. Iran is considered the home of Shia Islam and Saudi Arabia is the home of the Sunni branch of Islam. They do not like each other and compete for influence within the Middle East and around the world spreading their versions of Islam, both versions are radical and promote the same philosophy that the radical Islamists quote and follow, in this regard they are identical. In a sense, this competition probably contributes to the spread of terrorism as a geopolitical tool, as well as religious ideology tool. Regardless of the motives of those behind funding and promoting terrorism, whether it be ideological or geopolitical, the results of terrorism are unacceptable and must be fought vigorously.

Public figures and officials in Muslims countries and some Western countries often claim that Islam has nothing to do with the jihadist terrorist violence spreading throughout the world, it is not true, denying the problem will not solve it, and yes, Islamic ideology has a big problem. Muslims, and so-called moderate Muslims need to stand in front of the mirror, wake up, and realize the reality of the situation and stop denying that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. Many Muslims don’t want to face the brutal reality and choose to believe in conspiracy theories, for example, like ISIS and other terrorist groups are a just conspiracy against Muslims created by the C.I.A., Israeli Mossad, and other International intelligence secret services. However, that is pure nonsense, it’s not a conspiracy, it’s the doing of radical Muslims. Being in denial doesn’t make the problem go away.

Young minds are molded. I grew up in the Muslim world and I was fortunate to travel and work in many different Muslims countries, and some non-Muslim countries, as a Political Analyst & Counter-Terrorism Expert, and worked around the world. In my experience, I found that all Muslim countries are the same and they all share the same radical mindset, they teach children at a very young age, as early as possible to hate all non-Muslims. At every Friday worship, or Friday Prayer Service (Salat Al Jum’ah), Islam allows prayers for the annihilation of Christians and Jews and non-Muslims around the world.

Mosque Imams continue to pray to God or Allah to grant victory to Muslims over Non-Muslims and kill all of them, all Preachers from different Islamic countries end the prayer with almost the following message:

May Allah destroy the infidels, which means all non-Muslims. Allah is the Arabic word for God. “Allah! Let your prophet overpower them! Allah destroy them! Allah destroy them! Allah destroys them! Allah annihilate all infidels and Christian and Jewish!” They continue saying lots of terrifying and terrible things and cursing non-Muslims, and the congregation in the mosque repeat the words, amen, amen, amen. This is a clear and open promotion of violence against non-Muslims. Kids learn this at a very young age and grow up to hate all non-Muslims and their mindset becomes very acceptable to being radicalized quickly and they become very acceptable to the idea of killing or harming non-Muslims.

Sadly, I witnessed this in many different Muslims countries, including Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, Qatar, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon and Morocco, and I witnesses that among Muslims who live in European countries, such as the Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Austria and Germany.

ALL Muslims believe that they are the chosen nation, in the Quran, the holy book of Muslims around the world, it is written that Allah/God said that Muslims are “the best of peoples, evolved for mankind”, and all non-Muslims are infidels and must die and when they die, they will burn in hell, and only Muslims will go to heaven.

Even the history textbooks in what are so called ‘liberal Muslim’ countries promote violence against non-Muslims, for example, they teach the kids that the era when the Muslims attacked and invaded Europe and India and other countries was not invasion, they call it Conquest, and brainwash the kids, teaching them that the invasion was something good for the other Nations.

Invading other countries and killing their people and glorifying it is not something good to teach it to your kids at school.

Muslims need to accept the fact that Non-Muslims must be respected and accepted and they don’t live alone in this world, Muslims need to reform its religious tolerance, the only solution is to ask Muslims countries to change The Islamic Sharia Law radical books and the radical translation of Quran & Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad as soon as possible. A reformation of Islam much like the Protestant reformation of the Catholic church.

There are many Muslim countries around the world, and many non–Muslim countries that have many Muslims and their numbers are growing. We need a comprehensive strategy to combat terrorists, and this strategy must analyze all levels of security threats, information, media, cultural, ideology and financial, to fight radical Islam and avoid terrorism and groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Countries around the world must unite and take the following steps to stop and avoid the radicalization of their citizens:


  1. All countries should immediately reform radical Islamic textbooks. They need to form a committee to rewrite the explanation of Islamic religious texts and translate it in a peaceful manner. The head of the snake, those that lead this radical ideology, are the Clerics and Preachers in the Middle East, and those who are trained in the Middle East and transfer to other countries outside the Middle East to spread their ideology and teach people about Islam. They are radical and they are brainwashing the people by poisoning their thoughts and minds. The radicalization of people must be illegal and not tolerated. This is the smart thing to do. Moreover, ironically, even the kingdom of Saudi Arabia decided that the Pakistanis must undergo religious and political checks before entering Saudi Arabia. As well, recently Pakistan conducted a mass repatriation of Afghan refugee’s due to many reasons including security concerns. Even the Muslim countries are facing problems with extremists. In western countries, political correctness is hampering attempts to limit exposure to radical Islamists, so looking to the steps Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam, are taking to protect themselves should help offset any politically correct concerns. Basically, if other countries implement the same policy, we cannot call it a discrimination against Muslims, because this has nothing to do with discrimination against anyone, it is for the sake of the safety of the nations and people. I think the same safety steps should be embraced by Asian countries, and other countries around the globe as well. We need to do what works.
  2. Human rights defenders, human rights activists, and Human rights organizations are a part of the problem unfortunately, they may not realize it but they are. When a Muslim commits any kind of terrorist act, and if he or she get arrested, at that time rights organizations stand for him/her and make it a big issue. These rights proponents are well paid to defend terrorists and work in nice comfortable offices. At the end of the day, them or their family members are not getting killed at the hands of terrorists, only other innocent people are getting killed and paying a huge price for useless argument. Human rights are something good, but it only applies to good people, not for killers, Western Countries, especially E.U. countries need to change their human rights laws as soon as possible, Human Rights and Freedom of speech laws should be dropped or at least changed to smash terror and terrorists. Something must change. In my own opinion, terrorists and killers have no rights because they are not human, terrorizing people has nothing to do with Human rights and freedom of speech, if freedom of speech and human rights will terrorize people and kill people, we do not need it, moreover, anyone is not originally from Europe and he or she get involved in act of hate speech or terror activities, authorities should revoke his/her passport and his/her families passport and send them back to their original countries from where they came. Terrorists need to understand that there will be a severe consequence for their acts and there is no protection for them or their families under any kind of Human rights laws. Radical Muslims are using freedom of speech and human rights laws against civilized countries, this must change immediately. Radical steps should be taken to deal with radicals.
  3. All countries should open their own Islamic schools monitored by the governments, to avoid radicalization of their people. Moreover, they should prohibit their nationals from traveling to Saudi Arabia, Iran or Egypt to learn about Islam in Islamic schools, as they get brainwashed and come back to their countries spread their radical ideas and education and ideology among the public. I am talking here about the Preachers and Clerics, as many of them in some countries go to learn about Islam in some Muslims countries in The Middle East.
  4. Cyber Jihad: Right now, every single jihadi organization has an online presence. Social media has become a weapon used by terrorists, we must be aware of the seriousness of the presence of extremists heavily on social networking sites, for example ISIS has created a special unit and the people who are working in this unit are speaking different languages, their main goal and their main duty is to contact kids and teenagers from all over the world online to brainwash them and radicalize them and recruit them and turn them to loan wolves. World governments should closely monitor the internet and social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many more, also the social phone apps such as Telegram Messenger and WhatsApp, to prevent terrorists from spreading their radical propaganda and brainwash people online.
  5. World governments should create an international intelligence unit and find one country to be the base of it, hiring security and intelligence personnel from all countries involved, which they can speak different languages, and it is so important to recruit intelligence officers who can speak and read and write Arabic, as many terrorists use Arabic language to communicate as Arabic is the language of Quran, to share security information between countries as it happened and work together to prevent terrorist attacks, and this must be done under the umbrella of qualified people without involving any kind of corruption in the recruiting process, people must be really qualified to do it.
  6. Monitor closely all kind of online electronic payment systems, as terrorists and terrorist organizations are using it for fundraising.
  7. The media in many Islamic countries must stop treating extremists as freedom fighters, they are not freedom fighters, and they are terrorists.
  8. I have done extensive research online and found that many Islamic charities and N.G.O.’s from different Muslims countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Iran are involved in promoting terrorism and violence in many countries around the world, especially in Southeast Asian countries and Africa and Europe, and they have huge investments in there and their main goal is to implement Sharia law. These kinds of charities need to be monitored very closely and if necessary shut down, and banned from operating. Moreover, fundraising among the Muslim population in Western countries done through Mosques is HUGE, and this type of fundraising ends up in the hands of the terrorist’s organizations. This type of fundraising must be supervised by the security services in the respective host countries.
  9. In my opinion, all countries must shut down immediately religious satellite TV channels which broadcast from Arab and Muslims countries, they majority of Muslims, especially uneducated people who can’t read and right get their information through these channels, and sadly these channels are inciting sectarianism, and spreading hate speech and helping to radicalize all kind of people. For example, at the beginning of the year, a radical Muslim in Alexandria in Egypt Has slaughtered a Coptic Egyptian in the street. During his trial, the killer confirmed that he did so based on the opinions he heard from satellite channels, a fatwa or Islamic religious ruling issued by one Islamic religious scholar.

Moreover, The world is committing a big mistake in my opinion. It is clear that the world at large is concentrating on fighting ISIS and at the same time keeping their eyes closed when it comes to the Iranian Shiite militias and the Iranian backed Shiite militias in Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq. These Iranian backed Militias are no different from ISIS. However, Iran is playing the game in a different way than ISIS. One difference is that Iran is fighting Sunni radical groups and spreading their own agenda with the help of loyal fighters in the region, and it is most certainly not for the sake of fighting terrorism. They have a long-term agenda at play. Iran’s agenda and greater ambitions in the Middle East and worldwide are sinister. Iran has well-trained sleeping cells in many countries around the world, in Europe, Central Asia, Middle East, Africa, Australia, and in North and South America. They are very patient and will hold their breath for a long time to meet their long-term goals. You see the Muslim Shia consider Muslim Sunni their biggest enemy, and once Iran eliminates their enemies they will show their true intentions to the world. They most certainly will start attacking Israel and many others.

Shia Muslims share the same radical ideology with Sunni Muslims, in a hardcore way, and they believe in destroying the world and killing all non-Muslims at the hands of Mahdi. The Mahdi is the prophesied redeemer of Islam who will rule for five, seven, nine, or nineteen years before the Day of Judgement and will rid the world of evil. So, once and if the Shia Iranians actually do defeat ISIS and other Sunni radical terrorist groups in the region, the world will have to face large numbers of well-trained battle hardened and well-equipped Iranian Shia militias. Two sides of the same coin, Iran and Saudi Arabia, Sunni, and Shia, are the two faces of the same coin.

Finally, Sad to say, there is a huge jihadi radicalization machine working under every nose of many governments around the world, even in the West. Again, I repeat, without taking the recommended steps, fighting terrorism, ISIS and other terrorist groups will be useless and endless, and in the future, we will have more extremist groups more brutal than ISIS.



“Burn in Hell Non-Muslims, We Muslims will Win and Go to Paradise.”

June 26, 2017


By Shadi Alkasim

(The film starts off in 2017, on a hot day in June with an Arabic man sitting in his underwear looking at his laptop computer.)

Hamdan is a married father and a 40 something-year-old Arabic man, a Muslim Arab citizen who hates the West and the Far East, and all that is not Arab and non-Muslim. Hamdan’s heart is filled with hate, something he has been taught since he was a little boy, from his earliest memories, he wishes death and destruction upon them.

Like most of the people he knows, Hamdan lives in a delusionary state from morning til night every single day, believing that all the killings and massacres in the Islamic and Arab world are brought about by a global conspiracy. Believing that all terrorist groups in the Arab world are only a Western industry. The transparent backwardness, ignorance, and corruption throughout this part of the world is also just one big conspiracy brought on by the West because of jealousy in Hamdan’s mind. To him those jealous conspirators are envious of the beautiful life the Arabs live with their amazing technologies, lives filled with endless bliss, and the profound prosperity all Arabs enjoy. “We are the jewels in the world,” he thinks to himself.

(The film continues…)  Hamdan sitting in front of the computer, communicating with friends in social networking sites cursing and insulting the civilization of the West; vile, damned, prostitutes, etc. Hamdan and his friends wish death and destruction to them (the computer that he is using is made by the Chinese infidels, and the software of the computer he is using is made the Americans infidels. (God put them in hell.) Unfortunately, even the internet he is using is an invention of the English devils. All the while, the light that illuminates his room is the invention of the American idiot Edison. (He must be in hell because he is lighting the world.) The rest of the furniture in the room is, unfortunately, also manufactured by the Chinese Kufar (infidels). Hamdan shouts as he reaches into his tidy whities to scratch. “God burn them in hell!” Of course, not thinking to also curse the infidel Chinese who manufactured his underwear.

Suddenly, his wife enters the room shouting and crying. “HELP ME! HELP ME! Your older son is very sick in the other room. He has a fever and his body is so very hot. I think he’s DYING!” Hamdan rushed to his son Abdullah’s side, felt his burning forehead and picked him up and carried him quickly to the emergency room at the closest hospital. At the emergency room, the on-call doctor admitted him immediately for emergency treatment.

Suddenly his son stops breathing and doctors quickly place him on a respirator and started electric shock to restart his heart. (The United States and other infidel countries are the ones who invented these advanced medical devices that save countless lives, and on this night will save Hamdan’s son.) (Definitely, they will burn in hell.) The doctors take blood samples to determine what is wrong with Abdullah. (Unfortunately, again, the inventor of the blood test machines are those despicable Western countries with their secular civilization, utterly despicable.) The results appear to indicate he is infected with a deadly type of bacteria that requires strong antibiotics be administered immediately in order to save his life. 24-hours after giving Hamdan antibiotics his body began to recover and his health improved. (Again, unfortunately, the inventor of these antibiotics was the bloody, the dreaded, Scottish scientist Alexander Fleming.) (God burn his flesh at the bottom of the FIREY RED HELL.) After a few days, Abdullah bin Hamdan returns to his home healthy and safe.

Mohamed Hamdan goes back home and back to his old habits, wishing death and destruction to non-Muslim countries alongside his Muslim friends.

After a few days, God answers his call and the calls of the rest of Muslim world, the tension between Russia, NATO, America, and China escalate. The tension is increasing day by day, and suddenly the spark of the Third World War is erupting, a frightening war that destroys all. Arab countries refuse to intervene on either side. Hamdan and his fellow Muslim brothers and sisters wishes have come true. A few weeks after the war starts, death and destruction on an unimaginable scale brings an end to Western civilization.

Israel is gone. Europe is gone. China is gone. Russia and Japan are gone. America sank to the bottom of the ocean, all evil infidels countries are gone, thanks be to Allah, only Arabs and Muslim are left to occupy the earth. Arabs and Muslims go down the streets celebrating the destruction of non-Muslims, they dance happily in the streets and feel the joy of the destruction of the western civilization. In Sunni Muslim countries, the people come out en masse with clenched fists and chant: “Only Messenger of Allah, only Mohamed, l thank you, Allah.” In Shia Muslim countries people also gather en masse in the streets chanting: “Only Hassan and Hussein and Ali and Fatima, long live all of them, thank you, God, thank you, God.”

The celebrations continue for several months without interruption, and after two years of celebrations and prayer upon the prophet passage, returning to their work and the exercise of their activities, and suddenly … disrupted medical devices in all hospitals in the Arab and Islamic countries, medical drugs, and antibiotic stocks dry up, and people begin to die in the millions because of a lack of medicines or medical devices to save their lives. All kinds of technology cease, there are no aircraft to travel, no Internet, etc., due to the lack of spare parts for maintenance, and this is because of the end of the infidel Western civilization.

A few weeks later and on a very dark night, Hamdan’s 10 sons and his only wife and daughter fall very ill. It is a very hard time for him where there is no medicine to treat them, no way to transport them to any other place, and no way to save their lives. His very last hope is Sheikh Abu al-Mutasim Ibn Saqr bin Hosamani bin Nasser bin Zirafa Al-Muntahi, who lives at the end of the street. Hamdan ran at a break-neck-pace to the Sheikh’s house, like a rocket he ran. He brought the Sheikh Mohamed’s hadith and the Quran on his family, so they may recover fast. The Sheikh starts to read, and from time to time he shouts, “Takber, takber… Allah Akbar.” Nothing is helping and his family is slipping away despite all the shouts and prayers.

Suddenly, the destroyer of pleasures, the Angel of Death arrives to take Hamdan’s family away. He appears in his black hooded robe holding his sickle bladed staff by his side. A moment passes, and suddenly without warning The Angel of Death swoops them up with one wide sweep of his sickle blade. In the blink of an eye, poof, they are all gone. At the sight of all his loved ones perishing, Hamdan is shocked and drops to his knees in despair. His heart gives out, but before his eyes close forever he looks over to the cabinet as he is crying why, why-why, and sees an empty old pill box of medicine with writing on the side, it reads Made in the U.S.A.

The End