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“Burn in Hell Non-Muslims, We Muslims will Win and Go to Paradise.”

June 26, 2017


By Shadi Alkasim

(The film starts off in 2017, on a hot day in June with an Arabic man sitting in his underwear looking at his laptop computer.)

Hamdan is a married father and a 40 something-year-old Arabic man, a Muslim Arab citizen who hates the West and the Far East, and all that is not Arab and non-Muslim. Hamdan’s heart is filled with hate, something he has been taught since he was a little boy, from his earliest memories, he wishes death and destruction upon them.

Like most of the people he knows, Hamdan lives in a delusionary state from morning til night every single day, believing that all the killings and massacres in the Islamic and Arab world are brought about by a global conspiracy. Believing that all terrorist groups in the Arab world are only a Western industry. The transparent backwardness, ignorance, and corruption throughout this part of the world is also just one big conspiracy brought on by the West because of jealousy in Hamdan’s mind. To him those jealous conspirators are envious of the beautiful life the Arabs live with their amazing technologies, lives filled with endless bliss, and the profound prosperity all Arabs enjoy. “We are the jewels in the world,” he thinks to himself.

(The film continues…)  Hamdan sitting in front of the computer, communicating with friends in social networking sites cursing and insulting the civilization of the West; vile, damned, prostitutes, etc. Hamdan and his friends wish death and destruction to them (the computer that he is using is made by the Chinese infidels, and the software of the computer he is using is made the Americans infidels. (God put them in hell.) Unfortunately, even the internet he is using is an invention of the English devils. All the while, the light that illuminates his room is the invention of the American idiot Edison. (He must be in hell because he is lighting the world.) The rest of the furniture in the room is, unfortunately, also manufactured by the Chinese Kufar (infidels). Hamdan shouts as he reaches into his tidy whities to scratch. “God burn them in hell!” Of course, not thinking to also curse the infidel Chinese who manufactured his underwear.

Suddenly, his wife enters the room shouting and crying. “HELP ME! HELP ME! Your older son is very sick in the other room. He has a fever and his body is so very hot. I think he’s DYING!” Hamdan rushed to his son Abdullah’s side, felt his burning forehead and picked him up and carried him quickly to the emergency room at the closest hospital. At the emergency room, the on-call doctor admitted him immediately for emergency treatment.

Suddenly his son stops breathing and doctors quickly place him on a respirator and started electric shock to restart his heart. (The United States and other infidel countries are the ones who invented these advanced medical devices that save countless lives, and on this night will save Hamdan’s son.) (Definitely, they will burn in hell.) The doctors take blood samples to determine what is wrong with Abdullah. (Unfortunately, again, the inventor of the blood test machines are those despicable Western countries with their secular civilization, utterly despicable.) The results appear to indicate he is infected with a deadly type of bacteria that requires strong antibiotics be administered immediately in order to save his life. 24-hours after giving Hamdan antibiotics his body began to recover and his health improved. (Again, unfortunately, the inventor of these antibiotics was the bloody, the dreaded, Scottish scientist Alexander Fleming.) (God burn his flesh at the bottom of the FIREY RED HELL.) After a few days, Abdullah bin Hamdan returns to his home healthy and safe.

Mohamed Hamdan goes back home and back to his old habits, wishing death and destruction to non-Muslim countries alongside his Muslim friends.

After a few days, God answers his call and the calls of the rest of Muslim world, the tension between Russia, NATO, America, and China escalate. The tension is increasing day by day, and suddenly the spark of the Third World War is erupting, a frightening war that destroys all. Arab countries refuse to intervene on either side. Hamdan and his fellow Muslim brothers and sisters wishes have come true. A few weeks after the war starts, death and destruction on an unimaginable scale brings an end to Western civilization.

Israel is gone. Europe is gone. China is gone. Russia and Japan are gone. America sank to the bottom of the ocean, all evil infidels countries are gone, thanks be to Allah, only Arabs and Muslim are left to occupy the earth. Arabs and Muslims go down the streets celebrating the destruction of non-Muslims, they dance happily in the streets and feel the joy of the destruction of the western civilization. In Sunni Muslim countries, the people come out en masse with clenched fists and chant: “Only Messenger of Allah, only Mohamed, l thank you, Allah.” In Shia Muslim countries people also gather en masse in the streets chanting: “Only Hassan and Hussein and Ali and Fatima, long live all of them, thank you, God, thank you, God.”

The celebrations continue for several months without interruption, and after two years of celebrations and prayer upon the prophet passage, returning to their work and the exercise of their activities, and suddenly … disrupted medical devices in all hospitals in the Arab and Islamic countries, medical drugs, and antibiotic stocks dry up, and people begin to die in the millions because of a lack of medicines or medical devices to save their lives. All kinds of technology cease, there are no aircraft to travel, no Internet, etc., due to the lack of spare parts for maintenance, and this is because of the end of the infidel Western civilization.

A few weeks later and on a very dark night, Hamdan’s 10 sons and his only wife and daughter fall very ill. It is a very hard time for him where there is no medicine to treat them, no way to transport them to any other place, and no way to save their lives. His very last hope is Sheikh Abu al-Mutasim Ibn Saqr bin Hosamani bin Nasser bin Zirafa Al-Muntahi, who lives at the end of the street. Hamdan ran at a break-neck-pace to the Sheikh’s house, like a rocket he ran. He brought the Sheikh Mohamed’s hadith and the Quran on his family, so they may recover fast. The Sheikh starts to read, and from time to time he shouts, “Takber, takber… Allah Akbar.” Nothing is helping and his family is slipping away despite all the shouts and prayers.

Suddenly, the destroyer of pleasures, the Angel of Death arrives to take Hamdan’s family away. He appears in his black hooded robe holding his sickle bladed staff by his side. A moment passes, and suddenly without warning The Angel of Death swoops them up with one wide sweep of his sickle blade. In the blink of an eye, poof, they are all gone. At the sight of all his loved ones perishing, Hamdan is shocked and drops to his knees in despair. His heart gives out, but before his eyes close forever he looks over to the cabinet as he is crying why, why-why, and sees an empty old pill box of medicine with writing on the side, it reads Made in the U.S.A.

The End